KAUFMAN (Кауфман)

Eva (Alperovich) Kaufman
Josel KAUFMAN (born 1824), son of David and Zise, was a lumber merchant in the village of Sloboda in Vileyka county, Russia, where he exported lumber to Germany by river flotation. He married Chava "Eva" ALPEROVICH, daughter of Matus and Sora, and had children: Movsha (1845), Jankel (1848), Sarah (1855), David (1863), Esther (1867), Tzipe (1870), Sheine, Itta, and Mina.1

Research Notes

1. Another possible sibling or cousin is Shprintza Kaufman, who married Zalman Nalibotzky, son of Jankel, and lived in the village of Kachino in Minsk county.

2. Ильин, Арлен М. Призвание Математика (Воспоминания). Издательство Московского университета, 2016.


Thank you to Yuri Dorn and Maxim Mill of the Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus and Jelena Orlova for their help in uncovering the history of this family.