The intent of this website is to provide Jewish genealogy information and research advice. Beginning in 2011 simply as a way to organize my own family information and find cousins, it has since expanded well beyond that into an encyclopedia of many families, communities, and guides. And it continues to grow!

Profile pages on the website (containing source records) are now password protected. Please write to 
jewgenpedia@gmail.com to get access.

Genealogy is an imperfect science. The accuracy of information and relationships is limited by the availability and content of records, which, in some cases, is quite poor. I have tried to qualify assumptions and theories with terms such as "likely" or "possibly" and with some footnoted explanations, but this is not always possible, given the breadth of information. I strongly encourage you to consult the original sources (many of which are included on the profile pages) and see whether you reach the same or different conclusions.

Since this project is solely for educational and personal (non-commercial) purposes, I claim no copyright for anything on the website. Copying the information is not only permissible, but also greatly encouraged!

While past history is presented in as much detail as possible, every effort has been made to protect the privacy of living people.
Unless they are known to be deceased, people born less than about 100 years ago are generally assumed to be living and not included on the website.

One of the greatest advantages of publishing the information in a website format is that it can be
quickly and easily revised. This is done often, based on new records or analysis. Thus, you may want to check back periodically on sections that are of interest to you. Please also write to the email address above if you are able to edit existing or provide new information.