MILENKY (Миленький)

Wigdor Leiba Gotlib MILENKY
Movsha Meier MILENKY

Jevna Milenky
Jevna Milenky
Jevna MILENKY (born 1798), son of Movsha Meier, married Jenta and had at least two sons, Movsha and Abram (1821), in Ivenets, a village outside of Minsk, Russia (now Belarus). He died in 1837.

Other Milenky families in Ivenets (not yet connected to the above family):

Khatskel MILENKY (1781), son of Mordukh, married Liba, and had children: Nota, Hirsh (1817), and Mirla (1832).

[1] Aaron SKIR (1913) from Minsk, son of Jacob and Rachel nee KOVINSKY (Feiga's daughter from her first marriage), wrote a book "Еврейская духовная культура в Беларуси" (Jewish Spiritual Culture in Belarus), which includes several fascinating anecdotes about Jevna.

Thank you to Yuri Dorn and Maxim Mill of the Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus ( for their help in uncovering the history of this family.