Jehoshua Eliakum Josef

Brothers Isaac (1637-1720) and Josef (1647-1722), sons of Jehoshua Eliakum, were among the earliest recorded Jewish residents of Hemsbach and became Schutzjuden (protected Jews) there in 1670 and 1677, respectively, in the period of Jewish settlement following the Thirty Years' War. Josef married Gitele and had a son, Feiss (1684-1747). Feiss, an Untereinnehmer (tax collector) in Hemsbach, married Zippora and had a son, Josel ( -1794). Josel married Hebele and had children: Feiss (1754-1823) and Elkele. Elkele married Moises PFÄLZER. In 1809, when Jews in Baden were required to adopt permanent surnames, Feiss Josel became Feiss EMRICH.

Feiss EMRICH (1754) of Hemsbach, son of Josel, married Braünle SCHRIESHEIM1 from Mannheim, daughter of Moses Liebmann and Zerle nee BENSHEIM, and had five children: Moises (1786), Liebmann (1792), Zipera (1795), Abraham (1801), and Sara (1804). Both Feiss and Braünle died in Hemsbach in 1823.

Research Notes

1. Since Braünle was married and both of her parents died before official surnames were adopted in 1809, her maiden name is listed variously as "Schriesheimer" 1 (her father's family name), "Bensheimer" 2, 3 (her mother's family name), and "Lorsch" 4 (her mother's last husband's family name).

2. Photo source: Obituary of Ferdinand Emrich in Cleveland Jewish Review & Observer, 23 November 1900.


Thank you to Jeff Sugarman for his help in uncovering the history of this family.