Joachim (born c. 1640), son of Salomon, moved to Lobositz, Bohemia, from Poland around 1648 in order to escape the Cossack-Polish War.1 He married a daughter of Emanuel Katzenstein and had children: Esterl (1664), unknown daughter (c. 1670), Eyßich (1674), Pinckas (1681), Selig (1685), and Salomon. Joachim died in Lobositz in 1713. His son, Pinckas married Esterl from Laun, likely daughter of Löbel Simon MIROTIC,2 in 1701 and had children: Simon (1703), Kaile (1707), Abraham (1709), Resel (1719), and Edl (1721). Simon settled in Lichtenstadt in 1722, married Edel "Adelheit" BONDI, daughter of Rabbi Salomon and Sara, and had at least two children, including Herz (1724).3 By at least 1779, Herz had adopted the surname BENEDICT.4

Herz BENEDICT married Rößel from Konigswarth in 1760, lived in Lichtenstadt, and had children: Judith (1762), Salomon (1773), and Margaretha (1776). After Rößel died, widower Herz married widow Rachel "Rosalia" (1739) in 1779 and had a son, Lazar (1787). Herz also had daughters Rebeka and Ester (unknown whether their mother was Herz's first or second wife). Herz died in 1812 followed by Rosalia in 1815.

Research Notes

1. The 1724 census of Lobositz describes Joachim Salomon as having come to Lobositz at a young age and as the brother of the previously listed Eyßich Salomon. The latter is described as having arrived in Lobositz from Poland about 1648 at the beginning of the "Cossack War". Thus, it is presumed that the brothers shared the same origin and, since Joachim was young at the time, arrived together.

2. Only one Jewish family had protection status in Laun (Lebl Mirotic in 1655) through at least the second half of the 17th century. See the Hugo Gold encyclopedia entry for Laun, Leipzig fair directory p. 491, and Jahrbuch entry.

3. The Familiant record of Herz Benedict lists his parents in Lichtenstadt lists his parents as Simon and Adelheit and that he was married in 1760 and 1779. The earlier marriage appears to match well with a marriage permission recorded in the Gubernium in 27 October 1758 between Hertzl Simon Lobositz, Lichtenstadt Schutzjuden (protected Jew), and Rösel from Königswart. From Herz's death record in Lichtenstadt in 1812 at the age of 88, he was born about 1724. The 1724 census of Lichtenstadt lists Simon Pinckes from Lobositz, 21 years old, who settled in Lichtenstadt in 1722 and was married to Edel, daughter of Rabbi Salomon Bondi. The 1724 census of Lobositz lists Simon, 22 years old, married in Lichtenstadt, son of Pinkas Joachim, as well as his father Joachim Salomon.

4. This surname is often spelled "Benedikt" (with a "k" rather than a "c") in Bohemian records. However, the oldest known record for this family in which the surname is listed (the 1779 marriage permission for Herz Benedict) lists the surname with the spelling "Benedict". The two spellings appear to be interchangeable.

5. It is unknown if there was a connection between Herz Benedict, described above, and Jacob Benedict, whose family also resided in Lichtenstadt. At this point, it is believed that there was not, since Herz's paternal line can be definitively traced back to Lobositz, while Jacob's paternal line is hypothesized to have gone back further in Lichtenstadt.


Many thanks to Paul King for his assistance in researching this family.