LOBOSITZ (Lovosice)

a town on the Elbe river about about 5 km southwest of Leitmeritz (Litoměřice) in Litoměřice District, Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic

Jewish History

According to oral tradition, Jews settled in Lobositz around 1540 after being expelled from neighboring Leitmeritz (the town with the earliest mention of Jews in Bohemia (in 1057), outside of Prague).  A register from 1702 lists the following Jews in Lobositz:

1. Joachim Salamon
2. Eyserich Salomon
3. David Salomon
4. Sara Schmulin Wittib
5. Noe Hörschel
6. David Moyses
7. Bendix Salomon
8. Jacob Veit
9. Simon Joseph
Time Period Region
Before 1806 Holy Roman Empire
1806 - 1867 Austrian Empire
1867 - 1918 Austro-Hungarian Empire
1918 - 1938 Czechoslovakia
1938 - 1945 Nazi Germany
1945 - 1992 Czechoslovakia
1993 - Present Czech Republic

Year Jewish Population Total  Population
1724 17 families
1800 25 families
1849 85
Development of the Jewish Community

The following chart is an attempt to trace the lineage of Lobositz residents from the patronymic period up to the adoption of surnames. The basis for the column placement of names is based primarily on patronyms and, to a lesser extent, on ages, where they are known. As new information becomes available, this chart will be updated and, hopefully, become increasingly more accurate.

1702 House RegisterTheresian Cadaster (c. 1717)1724 Census 1733 CensusGubernium Trauung Register
(groom, bride with place of orgin, and date marriage permission granted)
1783 Census1793 Census Familianten
Jacob VeithJacob Veith
(55 years old, born in Austria, wife Ester 50 born in Lowositz, children: Schmule 12, Lena 22
Jacob Veith
(born in Austria, 66 years old, wife Esterl, 60, daughter of old Joachim [Joachim Salomon of Lobositz], married 1676, children: Annele 44 (married to Simon Joseph [below]), Machele 36, Manl Jacob Veith 35 (married [to Zirl, daughter of David Goldsmith, below]), Jentl 28 (married to Isaac Kaz [below]), Moises 24, Schmule 22)

Manl Jacob Veith
(son of Jacob Veith [above], 35 years old, wife Zirl, daughter of David Goldsmith [above], married 1714, children: Hele 8, Gutl 5, Machle 2, Resel 1/4)
Jacob Veit

Manl Jacob Veit
Dawid Mandl
(married Bluma from Kuin? in 1759)
David Mändl
(married, 1 child, tanner)

Veith Mändl
(married, 7 children, tanner and merchant)

Seeling M
(married, 3 children, merchant)
Dawid WOHL
(formerly Dawid
Mändl, son of Mändl and Zierl?, married Rachel 1758)

Seligmann LEWIT
(formerly Selig Mendl, unknown parents, married Juditha Wolf in 1776)
Joachim Salomon

Bendix Salomon

Eyserich Salomon
Isac Jachim
(45 years old, born in Lowositz, wife Hanna 38 born in Prague, children: Marcus 9, Ischaia 5, Jüttel 19, Raitzel 8)

Benedict Salomon
(36 years old, born in Lowositz, wife Esterl 34 born in Laun, children: Simon 14, Abraham 9, Chayle 10)

Salomon Jachim
(32 years old, born in Lowositz, wife Rösl Philipp born in Raudnitz, children: Abraham 6, Liebman 1 1/4, Kehle 4 1/2)
Eißich Joachim
(50 years old, wife Hanna from Prague, 48, married 1694, children: Gutte 25 (married), Marcus 15, Raizl 13,  Schay 11)

Pinckas Joachim
(43 years old, wife Esterl from Laun, 42, married 1701, children: Simon 21 (married in Lichtenstadt), Kaile 17, Abraham 15, Resel 5, Edl 3)

Selig Joachim
(39 years old, wife Rosel from Raudnitz, 28, married 1707, children: Abraham 15, Kelle 14, Philip 8, Joachim 3)
Isaac Joachim

Pinckas Joachim

Sälig Joachim
Joseph Benedict
(married, 1 child, butcher)
David SalomonDavid Salomon
(50 years old, born in Ploschkowitz, widow, children: Salomon 12, Mayer 8, Jachim 3, Abraham Ruml? 1)
Davidt Goldsmith
(60 year old widow, born in P? kreis, wife was daughter of old Joachim 
[Joachim Salomon of Lobositz], children: Zirl 30 (married [to Manl Jacob Veith, above]), Mayer 16, Joachim 10, Abraham 8)
David Salomon (died 1728, his son Marcus married here in 1732)Joachim Marcus
(married, 4 children, goldsmith)

Abraham David
(married, no children, schoolmaster)

David Joachim
(married, 3 children, merchant)

Joachim WOHL
(formerly Joachim Markus, son of Markus Dawid and Rachel, married Sorl in 1762)

Abraham WOHL
(formerly Abraham Dawid, son of Joachim Dawid and Mocherl? Mendel, married Saara in 1762)

Dawid WOHL
(formerly Dawid Joachim, son of Noe Wohl and unknown mother, married Reitzel Notel in 1766)

Simon JosephSimon Joseph
(47 years old, born in Postelberg, wife Annele, daughter of Jacob Veith [above], married 1698, children: Abraham 22, Rickl 20, Hele 16, Nachema 12, Kehle 10, Veith 6, Joseph 4, Guttl 1/4)
Simon JosephVeith Simon
(married Rößel from Libochowan in 1776)

Moises Veith
(married Jachet from Libochowitz in 1774)
Moyses Veith
(single, with house)
Joachim Marcus
(45 years old, born in Libochowitz, wife Edl from Neustadt, children: Rachel 20, Marcus 13, Ester 16)

Moyses Marcus
(married, 4 children, tailor)
(formerly Moyses Markus, son of Markus Joachim and Saara Mendl, married Ewa in 1766)
Löbl Philip
(38 years old, born in Raudnitz, wife Zirl (sister of Katz brothers), married 1706, children: Samuel 17, Berl 15, Hanele 13, Rachele 11, Manl 8, Guttman 3)
Löbl PhilipJoseph Jacob Löbl
(married, 5 children, merchant)

Aron L
(married, 4 children, with house)

ändl Löbl
(widower, no children, merchant)
(formerly Joseph L
öbl, unknown parents, married Barbara Jakob in 1777)

(formerly Aron
Löbl, son of Joseph Löbl and Riekel?, married Guttl Salomon 1761)
Wolf David
(married, 4 children, merchant)
(formerly Wolf Dawid, son of Dawid Jakob and unknown mother, married Ewa Lobl in 1769)
Sara Schmulin WittibSamuel Katz
(wife Sara Schmulin (widow))

Isaac Katz
(29 years old, wife Jentel, daughter of Jacob Veith [above], children: Resl 6,  Rachel 4, Samuel 2)

Joßeph Kaz
(married 1706, children: Rachel 12, Joachim 9, Hanele 5)

Simon Katz
(40 years old, born in Ma?, married 1706, children: Samuel 14, Schlaum 10, Sußman 8, Lazarus 5, Aaron 2)
Isaac Katz

Joseph Katz

Simon Katzens' widow Treyne
Wolff Samuel
(married Rachele from Thalmuschitz? in 1777)
Jecusiel Katz
(married, 4 children, merchant)

Wolf Samuel Katz
(married, 3 children, merchant)

Samuel Katzens
(widower, 2 children, merchant)
Samuel KATZ
(formerly Jekusiel Samuel, son of Samuel Samson and Rachel Joseph, married Hindl Berl in 1762)

(formerly Wolf Samuel, son of Samuel Isaak and Saara, married Rachel Mayer in 1776)
Noe HörschlNoe Hörschl
(48 years old, children: 
Hörschl 18, Salomon 16, Mindl 14, Schloml 2)
Noe Hörschl (received exemption in 1729, his son Hörschl married here in 1730)Noe Herschl
(married Rachel from Libowitz in 1770) 
Noe Hörschl
(in Sullowitz, married, 2 children, merchant)

Abraham Hörschl
(married, 4 children, municipal servant)
(in Sullowitz, peddler)
(formerly Noe Herschl, son of Herschl Noe and Bela Katz, married Rachel Baruch in 1770, Saara in 1788)

Abraham HAIN
(formerly ? Herschl, son of Herschl Noe and Bela, married Esther Berl in 1762)

(formerly Hirschl Salomon, unknown parents, married Maria Richter in 1783)
Löbl Antschl
(married Rosel from here in 1782)
Löbl Antschel
(married, no children, merchant)
(formerly Lobl Antschel, son of Hantschel and Hanna, married Rosel in 1782, Juditha STEINBERG in 1793)
Gabriel Moyses
(single, merchant)

Simon Rathan
(married, 2 children, merchant)
Gabriel KÖLLER
(dry goods)
Gabriel KOHLER
(formerly Gabriel Heil, son of Veit and Anna, married Mariana Markus in 1785)

(formerly Simon Moyses, unknown parents, married Rosel in 1763, Rebeka in 1793)
Berl Joseph Tatowitz?
(married Rebeka from Schopfuthl? in 1759)
Samuel Joseph
(in Dubkowitz, married, 2 children, merchant)

Berl Joseph
(in Dubkowitz, married, 7 children, with house, without occupation)
(dry goods)

(formerly Sankel Josel, son of Josel Golde, married Rachel Handl in 1765)

(formerly Berl Joseph, son of Josel and Salomene?, married Rebecka Samuel 1759)
Chayim Dawid
(married Sarl from Meita Terb? in 1781)
David Isaac
(in Wellemin, married, 2 children, tailor)
(formerly Kaym Dawid, son of Dawid Isaak and Johanna, married Juttel Greischel in 1787)
Simon SKAL
(formerly Simon Lowy from Kamaik?)

Research Notes

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Many thanks to Magda Simonovska (m.simonovska@quick.cz) and Paul King for their assistance in researching this community.