Anczyl SCHÜSSEL married Chaje and had a son, Josel (1808), and likely another Israel (1809).

Research Notes
1. Two Schussel couples that lived in Podhajce and had children around the 1850s (and thus are prime candidates for the parents of Menkes who was born about 1848) were Schmaje and Reisie and Hersch and Golde. There are a few key reasons to believe that his parents were Hersch and Golde:
2. His having a child named Hersch indicates a connection with the elder Hersch. The son was also born in house 197, where Menkes lived shortly after.

3. All are confirmed children of Schmaje/Schloma and Reisie, based on vital records, except Mojdel, Moses, and Anczel. Mojdel and Moses having sons named Schmaje and Schloma in 1879 and 1873 and Anczel's daughter having a daughter Reisie in 1893 (just after Szloma's wife Reisie died that year) suggests, but does not prove, that they belong with this group.