At least four Schatten families lived in Podhajce (their relationship to each other has yet to be determined): Jona, Berl (1830), Josel, and Baruch

Jona SCHATTEN, possible son of Leib and Czarna [theorized based on naming patterns], married Lea DICK (1838), likely daughter of Moses Aron and Chaje from Słoboda Złota, and lived in Słoboda Złota near Kozowa, Galicia, Austrian Empire (now western Ukraine). They had children: Jacob (1861), Chaim (1864), Wolf, Reise (1873), and Moses Aron. Lea died in Kozowa in 1913.
Saul Schatten
Czarna Ruchel Schatten
Jennie (Schatten) Shapiro

Berl SCHATTEN married Perl and lived in Podhajce. They had children: Jacob [likely], Samuel Joel (1862), Marcus (1863), Moses (1871), Breine, Chana, and Abraham (1881). Berl died in Podhajce in 1899.

Josel SCHATTEN married Sure Tobe and children: Scheindel (1845), Salamon Seinwel (1852), Jacob (1857), Maier (1859), Leib (1862), and [possibly] Hersz.

Baruch SCHATTEN married Dwojre and had children: Mordko (1859), and Freide.