Markus KRUG (1822), tavern keeper, married Chana Feige KRUG, daughter of Chaim and Reisel (possibly Ruchel Blima, see below), resided in Krukienice, and had children: Pesyl Hudie, Scheindel Lea (1850), Hersch (1852), Chaje Sara (1854), Perl (1857), Mendel (1857), and Czypa Reisel. After Chana died in Krukienice in 1861, Marcus married Ettel Feige and had a child: Matel (1862). Marcus died in Krukienice in 1864.

Chaim KRUG married Reisel, resided in Krukienice, and had children: Chana Feige (1825), Lea (1828), and Taube (1831). With Ruchel Blima GOTTESMANN (either another name for Reisel or a second wife), he had children: Samuel (1833), Pinkas (1836), Hersch M. (1842), Chaje, and Czipra.

Moses Pinkas KRUG (1809), tavern keeper, married Chana PROBST from Bonów, daughter of Moses and Hene, and had children in Sarny: Sara Cypre (1837), Isak, Scheindel Chaja, Henie, and Wolf (1842), and likely Juda, Samuel, and Ahron (1846). Pinkas died in 1865.

Abraham Josef KRUG (1819), son of Israel and Mollie, married Lea Gitel PASIDORF (1820), daughter of Abraham and Malke, and had children: Reisel, Süsel, Isaak, and Anschel and likely a fifth: Moses. Abraham Josef died in Mosciska in 1861 likely followed by Lea in 1880.