There are several families that lived in and around the town of Kozowa in Galicia (many in the village of Słoboda Złota) whose relationships have yet to be determined.
Moses Aron DICK married Chaje and lived in Słoboda Złota. They had at least two children, Isaak (1852) and Mindel, and likely Lea (1838).

Chaim Shlomo DICK married Lea and had children: Moses Bayer (1855), Abraham Dawid (1857), and Jacob (1866).

Moshe Littman DICK married Pesie (1816) and had children: Meyer Wolf (1833), Fiszel (1844), Cheine, and Basia, and likely Abraham. Pesie died as a widow in 1906.

Anczel Chaim DICK (1816) married Blima and had children: Benjamin (1858), Hudel, Chaje, Taube, and Feige. Anczel Chaim died in 1896.