Elia OETTINGEN married Bunlin GÜNZBURG, daughter of Simon and Hindle, and had a son, Model.

Research Notes

1. Elia may have been the son of Abraham ha-Levi (son of Israel, son of Abraham) from Oettingen, who died in Wien in 1565. Wachstein, Bernhard. Die Inschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien. Teil. 1540 - 1670. 1912. pp. 3-4 (online publication). The hypothesis in Wachstein that this Abraham is the father of Elia appears based primarily on four things: (1) Abraham's gravestone is close to Elia's in the Wien Jewish cemetery, (2) lists him as being from Oettingen, (3) a Levite, and (4) of the approximate right generation to be Elia's father. However, notably, there doesn't appear to be any clear evidence that Elia's father's name was Abraham.

2. Also known as Abraham Lichtenstadt (based on his residence in the town of Lichtenstadt) or Abraham Aron (Aron being a surname adopted from his stepfather in Lichtenstadt, Jacob Aron, son of Lazarus Aron). Jakobovits, Tobias. "Wer ist Abraham Aron Lichtenstadt?" Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums. Vol. 74 (1930), Issue 1, pp. 35-41. (online publication)

3. Jakobovits, Tobias. "Die Verbindung der Prager Familien Oettingen-Spira(Wedeles)-Bondi ". Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, Vol. 76 (1932), Issue 5, pp. 511-519 (online publication)