Abraham EHRMANN (1729), son of Löbl, married Buna "Barbara" (1736), daughter of Ezechiel1, lived in Muttersdorf and had children: Ester (1764), Rachel (1770), Sem (1772), Susanne (1779), and Anna (1781). Abraham died in Muttersdorf in 1788 followed by Barbara in 1808.

Research Notes

1. Buna, born about 1736, is listed in the Muttersdorf Familianten records with the patronymic Ezechiel. As a possible match for her father, the 1733 census of Muttersdorf records a Chaske Beer Simon Khue (Chaske is a shortened form of Ezechiel), born in Prague, who came to Muttersdorf and in 1729 married a daughter of Oser. In the Muttersdorf cemetery, there is a gravestone from 1755 of a Yeheskel son of Yissachar Ber, which appears to match Chaske Beer born c. 1700. His father-in-law, Oser appears in the the 1724 census of Muttersdorf as having "settled" in 1683 (this appears to instead represent a year of birth, since another individual is listed with the year 1644, eighty years earlier) and having a 12 year old daughter. He also appears as Oser Judl in the Theresian Cadaster of 1713-1722 as a 37 year old, born in Muttersdorf, with 32 year old wife Spinza and a 7 year old son named Judes. One potential problem is the recording of an Ezechiel Löwe in the 1788 tax list, but this likely represents a later descendant.

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