a city near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River and on the Southern shore of Lake Erie in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Early Jewish History

The first recorded permanent Jewish settler in Cleveland, Ohio, was Simson THORMAN, from Unsleben, Bavaria, who came to America in 1835 and settled in Cleveland in 1837.
That same year, Aaron LOWENTRITE from Schöningen and Abraham ROSENBAUM from Unsleben departed for America aboard the Friendship and arrived at the port of New York on 10 Aug 1837.
Kalman ROSKOPH, a Jew from Gersfeld, Bavaria, departed for America aboard the William & John, arrived at the port of New York on 1 Jul 1839, and soon after arrived in Cleveland, Ohio.
Following correspondence between Simson THORMAN and the community back in Unsleben, a group of 19 Jews led by Moses ALSBACHER and referred to as the Alsbacher party, departed for America aboard the Howard and arrived at the port of New York on 12 Jul 1839. Of these, 15 indviduals (listed below) came to Cleveland.

Other Jewish immigrants to Cleveland in 1839 were Simon NEWMARK from Wilhelmsdorf, S.L. Coleman and Gerson STRAUSS from Geroda.

On December, 5, 1839, two couples obtained marriage licenses for what appear to have been the first Jewish marriages in the city: Kalman ROSKOPH and Karolina GOTTGETREU along with Simson THORMAN and Regina KLEIN.
Nathan and Alexander TUCH from Unsleben were also early Jewish immigrants to Cleveland.
By 1840 there were approximately 20 Jewish families in Cleveland.

Development of the Jewish Community

Surname Given name Origin Arrival in USA Ship
PEIXOTTO Daniel Levi Maduro Amsterdam 1807
THORMANN Simson Unsleben 1835
ROSENBAUM Abraham 10 Aug 1837 Friendship
LOWENTRITE Aaron Schöningen
ROSKOPF Kalman (Charles) Gersfeld 1 Jul 1839 William & John
Moses Unsleben 12 Jul 1839 Howard
Seckel (Isaac)
Vögele (Fanny)
Zerle (Sophia)
Simmla (Simon)
Ranle (Rose)
KLEIN Reichel (Regina)
STRAUSS Gerson Geroda 17 Aug 1839 Isaac Newton
KALMANN Samuel Loeb Geroda 1840