BORUJERD (بروجرد)

a city in and capital of Borujerd County, Lorestan Province in western Iran, about 400 km southwest of Tehran


Jewish History

Persian Jews have lived in the region of Iran since the first Jewish diaspora of 722 BCE , when the Assyrian king Shalmaneser V conquered the Kingdom of Israel and sent the Israelites (the Ten Lost Tribes) into captivity at Khorasan. During the peak of the Persian Empire, Jews are thought to have comprised as much as 20% of the population.

Borujerd, one of the historical Jewish communities of Iran, once had a population of several thousand and maintained a Jewish bathhouse, butcher, and cemetery.

Many recent photos of the synagogue, Jewish neigborhood, and Jewish cemetery are available on the 7Dorim website (machine translated from Persian).

In 2015, the Jewish population was no longer able to support a minyan and the only remaining synagogue in Borujerd closed down.
Time Period Region
1501 - 1736 Safavid Empire
1736 - 1750Afsharid dynasty
1750 - 1794 Zandiyeh dynasty
1794 - 1925 Qajar dynasty
1925 - 1979 Pahlavi dynasty
1979 - Present Islamic Republic of Iran

Year Jewish Population Total Population
1972 ~ 550 [1]
20155 [2]

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