Hoschie TILLEMANN (born 1765) of Modrycz likely married Zlate (1768) and likely had children1: Jona Hersch and Mechel (1802). Zlate died in 1823 followed by Hoschie in 1833.

Jakob TILLEMANN (born 1781) and Rifka Lea lived in Modrycz and had children: Moses Abe (1804), Schimon (1816), Chana (1817), and Gerel (1821). Jacob died in Modrycz in 1844.

Research Notes

1  Hoschie Tillemann and Zlate Tillemann appear in the early death records of Drohobycz as both being from the small village of Modrycz and being of the same generation. They are among the only individuals of this generation who are shown to have a connection to Modrycz, the only other being Jacob (about 15 years younger, a possible sibling). Their theorized connection to the next generation Tillemann's Jona Hersch and Mechel is based on naming patterns, in particular, both having a daughter Zlate born soon after the elder one died. Jona Hersch also had a son named Schie, likely around the time that the elder died.  Neither show any evidence (based on children's names) of being connected with Jacob.


2  Although the death record linked here shows the name as Hersch and not Jona Hersch, its connection to the latter can be assumed confidently through at least the following:

The first clue is that he is listed as living in Modrycz, a small village near the larger town of Drohobycz, where Jona Hersch is confirmed to have lived based on other vital records.

The second clue is that he is of the right generation. Based on the ages of his confirmed children, he would probably have been born around 1800, since that would have placed him in his early 20s around the time of his first born child (a typical age at the time). This individual died in 1858 at the age of 55 giving an approximate birth year of 1803.

The third and final clue is based on naming patterns which predict a relatively narrow date range for his death. Jona Hersch's son Munisch had a series of children including at least two sons, Markus (likely born about 1855, according to his marriage and death records) and Jona Hersch (born about 1868, according to his marriage record). Since the naming priority for a male son was predictably the father's father, it can be assumed with high confidence, based on these births, both that the elder Jona Hersch was still alive at the birth of Markus in 1857 and that he had died by the time of Jona Hersch, the grandson, in 1868. The elder Jona Hersch also had a daughter Itta, who had a son Jona Hersch born in 1858 (October 4), which implies the elder must have been deceased by then. Therefore, the death of elder Jona Hersch is narrowed to between about 1855 and October 1858. Taken together, the individual fits the approximate age, place, and date of death.