[1] Skole, Galicia, Austria

There were at least two old ROSENBAUM families in Skole that were likely related (the husbands were probably brothers).

Menasche ROSENBAUM and his wife Serel who had at least one son Hersch (1819).

Wolf ROSENBAUM married Feige and had at least one daughter, Scheindel (1835).

[2] Unsleben, Bavaria

Simson ROSENBAUM (1786), son of Abraham, married Rifke and had at least five children in Unsleben, Bavaria: Moses (1807), Abraham (1811), Jakob, Jendel, and Hanna (1821). Simson died in Unsleben in 1845.

Retta ROSENBAUM married Julius KLEIN and had at least one daughter in Unsleben, Bavaria: Regina.