There were at least three PLON families in Trembowla in the late 1800s.

Aron PLON, a cooper in Trembowla, married Sura Lea (1828) and had at least one child, Rifka, and likely also: Leib, Markus, and Chaim. Aron likely died around 1892. Sura Lea died in Trembowla in 1920.

Menachem Moses "Mendel" PLON married Brucha Hudes and had children: Simon Wolf (1856), Beila, and Chawa. Brucha likely died in the 1870s, after which Mendel likely married Gici and had children: Marjem Brucha and Kacia Leja. From DNA testing, it was found that this paternal line belongs to the R1b1b2a1a (U106) haplogroup subclade.

Schmil PLON, a cooper in Trembowla, married Sprinca and had at least one daughter, Lea. They may have had at least two other children: Boruch and Etia.

Research Notes
The other individuals identified as possible descendants of Aron and Sura Lea are due their each having a descendant name Aron born in 1892/1893. This cluster of names is indicative of a common ancestor, for whom the children were named shortly after his death.