Löbl LÖWENSTEIN married Franziska and had a son, Emanuel (1725).

Löbl LÖWENSTEIN, son of Abraham, married Maria and had a son, Abraham (1727). It is unknown how this family is related to the one above.

Löbl Markus LÖWENSTEIN (1711) married Gütl "Judith" SCHAUER (1734), lived in Kuttenplan, and had children: Joseph Beer (1757), Liebermann (1762)1, Enoch (1762), Jakob (1769), Isaias (1772), and Lea (1777). Löbl died in Kuttenplan in 1787 followed by Gütl in 1804.

Israel LÖWENSTEIN, son of Lämmel, married Karolina and had a son, Lämmel (1751). It is unknown how this family is related to the ones above.

Research Notes

1. In the Lichtenstadt Jewish cemetery, there is a gravestone of Liebman son of Löb, who died on 28 February 1802 (matching the date of death of Liebermann Löwenstein, son of Löbl) and is listed as being from Kuttenplan. Furthermore, in the Familianten records of Kuttenplan, there are two Löwenstein families sharing a common descent from a Löbl (Löbl Markus), of the right generation to be Liebmann's father. Therefore, it is determined with relatively high confidence that this is the origin of Liebmann Löwenstein of Lichtenstadt.