STAROE SELO (Старое Село)

a village on the Ptych river about 12 miles west of Minsk in Minsk raion, Minsk voblast, Belarus

Jewish History

By 1873, Staroe Selo had a public primary school, but the closest railway and telegraph stations were in Ratomka (6 miles northeast) and the closest doctor, post office and synagogue were in Zaslav (8 miles north). By 1890, there were five inns, two mills, a sawmill, and a brewery.

Rakachevo field (Ракачево Поле), located about 2 kilometers southeast of Staroe Selo along the Ptych river, included an apple orchard and apiary in the early 1900s.
Time Period Region
Before 1793 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1793 - 1918 Russian Empire
1918 - 1919 Belarusian People's Republic
1919 - 1991 Soviet Union
1991 - Present Republic of Belarus

Year Jewish Population Total  Population
1905 226
1917 20 256

[1] "Staroye Syelo before 1917" by Oleg Perzashkevich and Alexander Remenchik