KRUKIENICE (Крукеничі)

a village on the Sieczna river about 13 km south of Mościska (Мостиська) in Mostyska Raion, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Jewish History

Krukienice, a small town surrounded by forest, was established in the 19th century. The Jews of Krukienice made their living by the trade of lumber, peddling, shoemaking, and the leasing of the town's distillery and sawmill from the owner of the estate.  In 1921, there were 231 Jews in Krukienice out of about 1,619 total inhabitants. By at least the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Krukienice was an organized community and had a Rabbi of its own. Jews remaining in Krukienice during WWII were likely transported to nearby Mosciska and killed.
Time Period Region
Before 1772 Kingdom of Poland
1772 - 1918 Austrian Empire
1918 - 1919 West Ukrainian People's Republic
1919 - 1939 Republic of Poland
1939 - 1941 Soviet Union
1941 - 1944 Nazi Germany
1944 - 1991 Soviet Union
1991 - Present Ukraine

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